A Safe Environment


For your total safety, all instruments are sterilised with the latest in vacuum autoclaves. wherever possible we use disposable instruments for your health and safety. All of the team are trained to uphold the stringent cross infection procedures that are required in dentistry.


  • We follow all the necessary health and safety guidelines, so that both our staff and patients feel secure in the dental setting.
  • The dental team’s continuous professional development includes annual training in advanced patient support.
  • There is easy access for the less mobile, as we are only a few steps above street level.

For your Comfort

Intra-Oral Camera
Together, using our intra-oral camera, we can view the images of your mouth allowing you a greater understanding of your oral health.

Digital Radiography
We use the latest in digital X-ray machines, reducing any radiation to minimal levels. The system also allows us immediate viewing of the pictures taken. No waiting for a diagnosis.

For the Nervous and those who just find things Uncomfortable

During the many treatments that require “bonding” of tooth coloured restorative materials, greater adhesion is created by micro-abrading the tooth surface before placing the bonding chemicals. The system is in essence, a refined dental version of a “sand blaster”. Research suggests that an extra 20% strength is added, giving your restorations more staying power. The technique does not require any anaesthesia and is sensation free.

For nervous patients, we offer sedative techniques to help you relax during your treatments.
The alternatives are:

  1. Taking a light sedative tablet in the clinic 30 minutes before your appointment.
  2. Breathing in a mixture of Nitrous Oxide & Oxygen, ( known as “space gas” or “fairy gas” for the youngsters and “relative analgesia” (RA), for the older patients)
  3. We also provide a more profound form of sedation, requiring a small injection into your arm, and with safety, you’re unaware of the treatment to follow.

An anaesthetic that’s just dripped onto the gums. No injection. A wonderful new drug that effectively numbs the gums for about 20 minutes, enabling the hygienist to clean your teeth and gums with comfort.