Preventive Dentistry

To maintain your oral health, we will do everything we can to prevent the two main causes of tooth loss; gum disease with bone loss and tooth decay.

On all visits, a full soft tissue examination is given. Any untoward findings will be discussed with you. The teeth are also thoroughly checked out for signs of cavities.
Oral Hygiene
The dentist and hygienist responsible for your care, will work together to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Maintenance of good oral hygiene is the foundation for a healthy mouth and a fresh smile. We'll try and encourage a "healthy lifestyle", including a healthy diet and for smokers, explain why smoking is so damaging - but no preaching; its your body, so armed with the facts - you choose.

Root Canal Treatment
The nerve inside a very heavily filled tooth, or one with active decay, can sometimes start to die – giving rise to dental pain and eventually an abscess. To save the tooth, rather than extract it, we can clean out the contents of the root canal system inside the tooth and its roots, leaving the inside of the tooth disinfected and then restored with an inert and medicated filler to seal the roots. This is known as “Root Canal Therapy” or “Endodontics”. The treatment process is usually symptom free.
We use the latest recommended systems with very flexible Nickel -Titanium rotary instruments, the work carried out under magnifying lenses. On completion, the tooth will need restoration.

Restorative Treatment

We'll rebuild broken down, decayed and discoloured teeth, restoring your mouth to improve its function and appearance . But we believe that the best tooth restoration is your own tooth; so before any enamel is cut away, the procedures are fully discussed with you and we'll ensure that the treatment is as minimally invasive as possible.

Tooth Coloured Restorations
Mercury free cosmetic restorations are provided to restore damaged teeth or as replacements for old silver amalgam fillings. These are matched to the colour of your teeth and for security, are bonded into place (see below).

These can be placed to protect, strengthen and improve the appearance of weak and unsightly teeth. Tooth coloured ceramic crowns, with no metal interior, can now be used to maximize aesthetics even where great strength is required.
Tooth Whitening
Using a simple and easy technique, started in the clinic and completed at home, your teeth can be made whiter. The best results will be obtained after a visit to the hygienist and when any visible discoloured or metal fillings have been replaced. Professionally carried out within the Clinic, this is a safe & comfortable procedure.
Porcelain Veneers
A thin layer of porcelain can be added to the surface of your teeth, improving their shape, colour and alignment.
Dr Clarke works together with a specialist Implantologist for this procedure. It’s a preferred treatment for replacing missing teeth; the implant, made of titanium, takes the place of the root of your tooth. A few months after placement, when the implant has “osseointegrated” with the bone of your jaw, a tooth can be fitted to the implant.
A tried and tested procedure for replacing missing teeth. A combination of linked crowns is created; this is especially useful when the teeth either side of a “space” also require crowns for a satisfactory long term restorative result.
Recreate the "Biting Edges" to your front teeth
Pioneered in the Bayswater Dental Clinic, this treatment is designed to repair the Incisal Edges of your front teeth. Especially in the lower jaw, discoloured, worn, chipped and fractured edges to your front teeth are both unsightly and can lead to speech and masticatory difficulties. For such a modest procedure, the cosmetic results are often astounding. No anaesthesia is required and no drilling is necessary; the teeth are prepared with comfortable "micro-abrasion" (see below).

Your "Bite", Headaches & Tension

Many of us grind and clench our teeth, especially during the night. Whilst generally unaware of this habit when it’s happening, the after effects are often very noticeable: you may suffer from headache, neck tension, teeth wearing, sore temples or jaw muscles, discomfort whilst eating or you may have a clicking sound on opening and/or closing your mouth. Associated with these symptoms the silent and painless problem of bone loss may be occurring: bone loss being one of the major causes of tooth loss in the UK.
If you suffer with any of these problems or would like an assessment of your occlusion (bite) please call the surgery.

Treatment of Snoring

Do you feel sleepy during the day? Do you suffer from high blood pressure?
Snoring has an immense impact on the health and quality of life of the snorer. The condition causes lack of sleep, as during a snoring phase, the sufferer often stops breathing; when this occurs the individual often gasps for air or starts to choke, partially waking themselves. This cycle of disturbed sleep and lack of oxygen can lead to an increased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and is a contributing factor in daytime sleepiness, high stress levels and lack of energy. Snoring and the associated nightly disturbance, can also be a cause of a poor relationship with ones partner.
At the Bayswater Dental Clinic we offer many different methods of anti snoring device, that are comfortable to wear and have a major impact on you well-being.