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Advice on Contact Lenses

Simplicity and Style
There may be times when you'd rather not wear your glasses; on a night out when you need to dress for a special occasion, when you're on holiday or when you just want another image. With contact lenses from Kensington Heights Opticians you don't have to choose between your eyesight and the way you look. It's that simple. We offer only the very best high quality lenses from the world's largest, most professional suppliers.

Comfort & Care
Just about anyone who currently wears glasses can wear contact lenses with ease. Contact lens technology has made significant advances in recent years, and today's contact lenses are extremely comfortable. In fact most people forget they are wearing them after a few seconds. 85% of new wearers choose to use soft contact lenses, which are comfortable almost immediately. With daily disposables, you simply wear a fresh pair every day and then throw them away.

Freedom and Flexibility

When you put in contact lenses for the first time, you will notice something very different. They provide all-round more natural vision unlike the 'framed' view you have with glasses. If you lead an active life, you'll really notice the difference, as you'll be able to see clearly without the worry of scratching lenses or breaking frames.