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Soft Lens Options

Daily Disposable
Daily disposables are the most convenient as they don't need cleaning - you just throw them away after use. Good for people who want no-fuss, comfortable lenses everyday. Also great for sports, socialising and occasional use.

Monthly Disposable
Features - Comfortable, but more cost-effective as one pair lasts for a month. Good for people who want to wear soft lenses regularly but need to keep costs down.

Monthly Toric Disposable
Features - Two prescriptions in one lens. Good for people with astigmatism who previously may not have found contact lenses suitable. If you were told you couldn't wear lenses because of your prescription, check again!

Monthly Extended Wear Disposable
Features - If you are looking for 24-hour normal vision, extended wear lenses are the answer. Thanks to silicone hydrogel (a new material that allows six times more oxygen to pass safely to the eye), they can be worn all the time even while you're sleeping. Good for those who want a less risky alternative to surgery. Extended wear contact lenses are the next best thing to normal vision and are an ideal choice for anyone who suffers with dry eyes.

Monthly Coloured Disposable
Features - Many celebrities, including Naomi Campbell, opt for coloured contacts as a fashion accessory, but they can also be worn to correct vision in the same way as regular prescription lenses. Good for anyone who fancies a really dramatic - but reversible - change of look.