by Dr Hansdev Patel

The beautiful new book by Dr Hansdev Patel comprises 160 pages of useful information. Lavishly interspersed with over 140 stunning full colour photographs and delightful watercolours. The book has been assembled in a manner that is redolent of the romantic atmosphere of the ancient and fascinating Kingdom of Morocco.

The reader is briefed with an introduction, outline history, economic and commercial facts. Each of the golf courses is described according to their geographical position with synopses of their attractions and vagaries. In Morocco, Golf is indeed the sport of kings, as many of the golf courses were originally built by the Monarchy.

The book has information on recommended luxury hotels and restaurants. There is also basic information of the practicalities of travelling in Morocco. This is a quality ‘Coffee Table’ book which will be of interest to all those captivated by the countries in this region and to visitors who enjoy holidays in unique historical surroundings. It will, of course, be essential reading for all keen golfers, especially those who relish unspoilt, quiet facilities in beautiful natural surroundings.

A beautifully presented reference book for Travel Companies, Tour operators, Golf Clubs and Golfing Societies or for collectors of artistic books.

The book is only available in hardback format
Number of pages: 160
Number of colour plates: 140
Size: 249X265 mm

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